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Atlantis Tour” company is offering favorable conditions  for the legal and physical persons of the Republic of Armenia.

The members of Atlantis Holding: Atlantis Tour, Armenia; Saturn Reisebuero, Austria; Atlantis Tour, Czech republic are specialized in the travels, tickets, accredited by the International Air Travel Association (IATA) and BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) have launched travel booking website, offering services of more than:

  • 500 000 worldwide hotels
  • 300 international airlines
  • Transfers in more than 100 countries
  • Excursions and tours around the world

        Procedure of the Sub agency agreement

  • Send a request to E: hayrapet.sargsyan@atlantis.am
  • Receive the list of the required documents for the agreement
  • Send the required requisites and scanned copies of the required documents
  • Sign a Sub agency Agreement with Atlantis Tour
  • Attend the training courses of the online reservation system arranged by Atlantis Tour
  • Get the username/password created for your agency (password is provided for the first access to the system, after the first access Sub Agent can change the password)
  • Contact the professional team of Atlantis Tour for signing the contract and getting further information.
  • Subagent avoids standard bureaucracy
  • Not necessary for the employees to have the knowledge of reservation system
  • Simplified Workflow
  • 24 hour access to the online reservation system
  • Unlike many other online reservation systems there is a possibility of void or ticket amendment according to the rules of airlines.
  • Not necessary to own or rent an office space
  • In case of lack of funds, Atlantis Tour may arrange for you to get credit
  • Sub Agent will initially get the commission fee
  • Subagent is not making ten-days or monthly reports
  • The online reservation system of Atlantis Tour allows the Sub Agent to issue air tickets of more than 300 international airlines, including the resources of BSP Austria and BSP Czech Republic
  • The online reservation system of Atlantis Tour allows the Sub Agent to book more than 500 000 worldwide hotels, transfers in more than 100 countries, excursions and tours around the world.
  • After each transaction the Sub Agents gets the invoice and voucher of the provided service, which may be submitted to the Embassy for visa procedure.
  • The highly qualified staff of Atlantis Tour is providing system support every day from 9:00 to 21:00
  • Atlantis Tour has its representatives at the ‘Zvartnots International Airport ’ during night time
  • The reconciliation statement of settlement is being provided monthly to the Sub Agent by Atlantis Tour including the detailed information of all the air tickets, hotels, excursion and transfers
  • The Sub Agent should print out the reconciliation statement of settlement in two copies and hand over the original ratified copy to Atlantis Tour.
PNR code /if available/
Full name of the passenger
Passport number
The expire date of passport
E-mail of the passenger
T number of the passenger
Destination of the flight
Airport of the flight
Date of the flight
Service category
Contact the professional team of Atlantis Tour for signing the contract and getting further information.



T: +374 60 372 372
Е: rolland.margaryan@atlantis.am

T: +374 60 372 372
E: savagyan@atlantis.am

Hayrapet Sargsyan, Head
T: +374 10 547 547; +374 60 40 40 50
Е: hayrapet.sargsyan@atlantis.am

Syuzanna Avanesyan , Head
Т: +374 60 372 372
Е: suzanna.avanesyan@atlantis.am


Tigran Shahverdyan, Chief Accountant
T: +374 60 371 371
E: tigran.shahverdyan@atlantis.am

Karen Hayroyan, Financial Director
T: +374 60 371 371
E: karen.hayroyan@atlantis.am

Eliza Mhryan, Financial Officer
T: +374 60 40 1111
T: +374 60 40 40 40
E: eliza.mhryan@atlantis.am

Arpine Kiziryan, Economist
T: +374 60 371 371
E: arpik.kiziryan@atlantis.am

Karine Vardanyan, Economist
T: +374 60 371 371
E: kara1c@atlantis.am


Marine Simonyan, Head
Т: +374 60 401111
Е: marine.simonyan@atlantis.am

Ida Hakobyan, Airline Ticket Sales
Т: +374 60 40 40 40
Е: ida.hakobyan@atlantis.am

Inna Sargsyan, Airline Ticket Sales
T: + 374 60 40 40 40
E: inna.sargsyan@atlantis.am

Armine Martirosyan, Airline Ticket Sales
T: + 374 60 40 40 40
E: armine.martirosyan@atlantis.am

Narine Martirosyan, Airline Ticket Sales
T: + 374 60 40 40 40
E: narine.martirosyan@atlantis.am

Sofia Buynatyan, Manger, Technical Support
T: +374 60 40 40 40
E: sofia@atlantis.am

Hayk Hambardzumyan, Airline Ticket Sales and representative at the Zvartnots International Airport
T: +374 60 40 40 40
M: +37491 331 668
E: hayk.hambardzumyan@atlantis.am

Gevorg Harutyunyan, Representative at the Zvartnots International Airport
M: +374 93 639580
E: gevorg.harutyunyan@atlantis.am


Sofi Ustayan, Head
T: +374 60 40 40 50
E: tours@atlantis.am

Armine Marutyan, Tour Manager
T: +374 60 40 40 50
E: tours@atlantist.am